CM Lodestar Electric Hoist


500kg – 2T

  • Overload protection helps prevent the lifting of dangerous overloads.
  • Pickle operated or weil and tail optional.
  • Units are not oil-lubricated – no risk of oil on stage.
  • 415v – 50Hz.
  • 24v control voltage.
  • Durable and lightweight housing. Cast aluminum, black powder-coated finish for low visibility.
  • Heavy-duty DC brake.
  • Helical design for long wear life and smooth operation.
  • Designed and manufactured by Columbus McKinnon USA. Zinc plated to protect against corrosion.
  • Black phosphate finishes optional.

The range of CM entertainment hoists from KITO PWB is easy to handle, operate and maintain. Protected by a lifetime warranty (conditions apply) and designed for versatile operation in the inverted position, KITO PWB entertainment hoists are supplied in a black powder coat finish and are available in a range of capacities that can be chained up to your specific lift requirements.

Optional Features include Chain bag – easy-to-mount cloth type bags. Chain stop – mounted on load chain to prevent over-travel.


Australian Standard: AS 1418.2


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500kg – 2T

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Capacity Part No. Model Lift Speed
No. of
Load Chain
Dia (mm) x fall
Load Chain
Dia x Pitch (mm)
Part No.
500kg 47112 F 4 1 6.3 x 1 413 6.3×19 43746
1 tonne 47113 L 4 1 7.9 x 1 472 7.9×21.8 46747
2 tonne 47114 RR 2 2 7.9 x 2 613 7.9×21.8 46747