FER2 Food Grade Hoist


500kg – 2T

  • 400 V / 50 Hz / 3P
  • Standard lifting height 3 m
  • NSF H1 Compliant Food Grade Grease and Oil
  • Electromagnetic brake: improved performance and safety
  • Robust aluminum die-cast body protects the frequency inverter against external influences
  • White Epoxy bottom hook
  • Stainless steel hook latch
  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled electric motor
  • Low-maintenance and easy-operation frequency inverter for 2 lifting speeds for exact positioning of the load
  • Contactor control for single speed
  • Carbon friction clutch: protects the chain hoist in the case of an overload against damages and offers the user a higher degree of safety
  • Canvas chain container as standard

  • With CE Certification
  • IP55 Environmental Protection
  • A Certificate of Conformance is included
  • Extended life and reduced operating costs

Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing industries where pristine cleanliness is critical

  • Stainless steel bottom hook
  • Stainless steel rubber cushion and nickel-plated stopper on no-load side
  • Stainless steel rubber cushion and nickel-plated stopper on 0,5 t and 1 t
  • Stainless steel chain spring and limit plate on 2,0 t
  • Stainless steel trolley wheels
  • Stainless steel guide roller (MR2)
  • White Epoxy Paint
  • Nickel-plated suspension shaft and suspender
  • Hook suspension, Plain Trolley or Geared Trolley for improved efficiency
  • Single speed / dual speed motorized trolley for improved load control
  • Rubber bumpers for motorized trolleys
  • Chain containers: from stainless steel or plastic
  • Protective silicone pendant cover
  • Perpendicular to the beam (standard), or parallel to the beam for operation in tight spaces
  • Special voltages are available on request
  • Lifting Speeds: Single or Dual Lifting Speeds
  • Custom lift lengths are available on request for load chain, pendant cord and power cord


ER2 Series Full range

FER2 Brochure


500kg – 2T

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