SHER2 Ultra Low Headroom Hoist


250kg – 5T

When height becomes an issue – the KITO Electric Chain Hoist SHER2M for low ceiling heights.

  • Plastic or canvas container
  • Upper-lower limit switch
  • Counter hour meter
  • Thermal motor protector
  • 2.5 m push-button cord, control voltage 24V, without power supply cable
  • Electromagnetic brake: Maintenance only after 2 million braking cycles necessary
  • Carbon friction clutch: constant performance even under extreme temperature conditions
  • Ergonomic push-button control
  • Newly developed load sheave
  • Rubber bumpers with push and gear trolley configurations
  • Cast wheels on all trolleys
  • Folding control panel cover with safety belt enables quick and easy maintenance on the spot
  • Upgraded annealing process of the nickel-plated load chain (class DAT in accordance with standard EN 818-7) with high strength (800 N/mm2) ensures ultimate resistance and durability

  • With CE Certification
  • IP55 Environmental Protection
  • A Certificate of Conformance is included
  • Extended life and reduced operating costs

In situations where every centimeter of headroom is vital, the KITO Electric Chain Hoist SHER2M (Short Headroom ER2 Motorised Trolley Type) is a welcome solution. Apart from use in buildings with low ceilings, it is also ideal where considerable lifting heights are necessary.

  • Special voltages are available on request
  • Custom lift lengths are available on request for load chain, pendant cord and power cord
  • Lifting Speeds: Single or Dual Lifting Speeds
  • Radio remote control
  • Variable speed control
  • Programmable level limits (ER2 Limit Lock)
  • Steel chain container
  • For KITO’s build-to-order capabilities please fill-up the inquiry form below


ER2 Series Full range



250kg – 5T

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