QuikBinder Plus


3.8 – 9.0T

  • This easy-to-install ratchet load binder offers a 3-position pawl setting for extension, take-up and a free-spin setting, for fast adjustment in any direction.
  • The folding handle of the QuikBinder Plus makes it more convenient for use and storage with an added feature of the unit, capable of being locked with a long-shank padlock, to secure the tie-down and prevent tampering.
  • Available in three Lashing Capacities, features a vinyl-coated barrel for an easy grip when adjusting and is also fitted with securing Grab Hooks at each end.


  • Patented three-position pawl with ‘free-spin’ setting for fast adjustment in either direction.
  • Twice as fast as traditional ratchet load binders.
  • Folding handle for safe and easy storage.
  • Can be locked and secured with a long-shank padlock.
  • Vinyl coated barrel for an easy grip when adjusting or positioning.
  • Available in two Lashing Capacities conforming to AS/NZS 4344.
  • Clearly marked for easy identification.

  • HEAVY-DUTY RATCHET LOAD BINDER – Rugged and heavy-duty construction from PWB offers excellent strength ratings. With a 9 t working load limit rating, this ratchet chain binder is built to work!
  • VERSATILE – This chain boomer is designed for use with Grade 70 or Grade 80 chain. Ratchet Binder Plus has higher strength ratings for use with either Grade 70 Transport or Grade 80 Alloy tie-down chains.
  • EASY TO USE – The load binder uses a ratcheting motion to quickly and safely tighten transport chain. Secure loads faster and save time!
  • IDENTIFICATION AND SAFETY – All PWB ratchet binders are stamped with the size and working load limit.

  • Fabrication, construction, engineering, transport, power transmission
  • Ideal for lashing, securing, tie-down applications

The QuikBinder Plus is clearly identified and carrying the relevant lashing chain size capacities, is designed and tested to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 4344.




3.8 – 9.0T

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Chain Size (mm) Lashing Capacity (kg) Mass (kg) Take-up Part No.
7-8 mm 3800kg 4.6kg 15 cm 42077
10 mm 6000kg 5.4kg 15 cm 42078
13 mm 9000kg 6.8kg 15 cm 42079


Always refer to Care & Safety Instructions for use.

DO NOT USE any handle extension (cheater bar or pipe) to tension or release load.